Center for Democratic Transition (CDT) is a non-governmental organization that works to promote democracy embodied in an honest and accountable government, dynamic civil society and active and informed citizens, through developing and fostering of public dialogue, training of political actors, advocacy, monitoring of institutions, processes and policies.

CDT helps state institutions in their efforts to achieve democratic standards and connect with citizens with the aim to create a system in which the state is a citizens’ service with transparency of institutions and full respect for laws is of fundamental importance.

CDT works to establish political and other conditions for accession of our country to the European Union through promotion of European values and traditions and support for processes in Montenegro that will lead us to that goal.

Our vision is Montenegro as a civic society, society of knowledge and equal opportunities based on democratic values and achievements.

Center for Democratic Transition (CDT) was founded in August 2000, and entered into the Register of nongovernmental organizations on August 22, 2000 under the number 819, pursuant to the resolution of the Ministry of Justice No. 02-4698/00. In over a decade since then, it grew up in one of the most prominent Montenegrin NGOs.