Popis monitor

UG “Zašto ne” and Coalition “Jednakost” (Coalition “Equality”) launched the PopisMonitor (CensusMonitor) campaign in the beginning of September 2013, due to lack of relevant informative campaign from the authorized state and entity institutions. The campaign aimed to inform the citizens on the census process, to identify the problems occurring during the census, to provide the necessary support in solving emerging problems and to assess the integrity, quality and credibility of census and the data gathered in census-taking process, through direct contact with the citizens.

The planned and implemented activities of the CensusMonitor include: quality analysis of  the legal framework for conducting the Census 2013, analysis of the implementation of the official acts which regulate the census (fulfilment of provisions, procedures and deadlines for conducting the census), analysis of compliance of methodology of the 2013 Census in BiH with the international standards, monitoring and analysis of all aspect of the census process (preparation and implementation, data entry, data processing, publishing of results), monitoring of the work on the field through communication with the citizens (civic monitoring), examining of the quality of the census via questionnaires for enumerators, and registered persons, survey of the  citizens’ satisfaction with the census process and quality analysis of the official media campaign related to the census 2013.

Civic monitoring of the census has been put in the focus of the campaign, aiming to help reduce all potential abuses of the process to minimum.

The civic monitoring of the census was conducted in direct communication of the team of CensusMonitor with the citizens, through street actions, website CensusMonitor.ba, e-mail, info-telephone lines, and online social networks. During September and October, www.popismonitor.ba recorded over 40.000 unique visits. A number of app. 120.000 informative brochures with basic information and Q&A on the Census, were distributed.

Link: popismonitor.ba