Metamorphosis is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit foundation based in Skopje, Macedonia. Its mission is to contribute to the development of democracy and increase the quality of life through innovative use and sharing of knowledge. Our guiding values are openness, equality and freedom.

Main activities of the organization include: lobbying and advocacy in order to make the social and legal environment more conducive to ICT development; educational and informative efforts, including basic and advanced training, and rising of public awareness; and providing concrete ICT solutions to social and developmental challenges.

Metamorphosis is an active participant in the development of information society in Macedonia and the region since 1999, with a series of efforts based on the premise that the citizen must be at the center of his development. Metamorphosis holds the position that the e-government concept is not a concept of “old government” plus internet, but that this new concept relates more to the “government” part or organizational changes in management and procedures, rather than just the “e-” part i.e. the introduction of electronic devices and software.

In addition, Metamorphosis had a positive impact on the inclusion of the values ​​of inclusion of all members of society, protection of the human rights in the digital sphere and promotion of the active citizen participation on a public policy level.

Metamorphosis, Foundation for Internet and Society
Apostol Guslarot str. 40, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
E-mail: [email protected]