Proposals for the improvement of a current state – Openness of institutions of executive power in the region and N.Macedonia

In cooperation with the partners from the “ACTION SEE” regional NGO network, Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society prepared the latest policy paper in which we analyze the level of transparency, openness, accountability of the executive power in the Western Balkans region.

The executive power in the Republic of North Macedonia meets 53% of openness indicators, analyzed in the areas of transparency, accountability, integrity and awareness. This average assessment of the fulfillment of the openness indicators covers the Government, that meets 78% of the indicators, the ministries that meet 52% and modest 29% met by the executive agencies. Hence, it is concluded that the engagements and commitment to meeting the openness standards are at different levels in different structures of the executive power, same as last year.

In addition, in the same direction are the conclusions of the monitoring of the openness to share information about the implementation of the activities from the Public Administration Reform Strategy 2018-2022, where differences from institution to institution emerge. To overcome this situation, the Government identified the need to create a new Strategy for Government Transparency, based on the recommendation to systematically address the openness concept given in the Comprehensive plan for good governance of the institutions in the state. This Strategy should identify the priority areas and provide guidelines for transparency of the Government, the ministries and other public administration bodies (accountable before the Government).

The entire document is available on this link.