ACTION SEE two-day training on working with data in Skopje

Journalists and media workers actively participated in the two-day workshop on data visualization by identifying, analyzing and visualizing a set of data on a specific topic.

This training saw the presentation of the entire process on working with data and provided information about: What is data and which are the sources of data in Macedonia, how to perform an advanced Google search, ways of cleaning data sets, verification and analysis thereof and visual presentation as well.

Building the capacity of media and media workers when using data sets and the possibility of using open data concerning issues related to accountability and transparency of state institutions are of utmost importance.

The training was organized within the Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in South East Europe – ACTION SEE project.

The project aims to increase the inclusion of civic society and media organizations in decision making processes and the creation of public opinion and policies, as well as to raise the capacity of civic societies to address sensitive issues.