Study Visit to UK – Learning from Best Practices

Welsh Assembly
September 24-28, 2018.
The delegation of 12 CSO representatives, two from each of the Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia), together with WFD staff members from Belgrade and London visited Cardiff and Edinburgh in order to meet members of  the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament, as well as CSOs, engaged in open data and
 Welsh Government

transparency. The study visit aimed to demonstrate to the delegation members how CSOs work with the UK parliaments, implement advocacy initiatives and hold the executives to account. 

We had a great support from our partners in Welsh Assembly, and especially the Scottish Parliament. Beside the meetings in the Parliament, the delegation met with relevant CSOs and Government representatives. The participants were engaged, and eager to learn from good UK practices on how to engage the governmental institutions. Also, participants had a chance to hear how UK governmental institutions engage with the public.  The delegation met with the members of both parliaments.
This activity equipped the members of our Action SEE network with new knowledge on how to implement their advocacy initiatives, especially related to transparency and openness.
 Scottish Parliament