Presentation of the Index to the Government of the RM

Open governance is based on four organizational principles: transparency, accessibility, integrity and awareness. These principles apply to all branches and levels of government, from the central executive to the local self-government, the parliament and the judicial system.

On December 18, 2017, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia held a coordination of ministries on the Government’s agenda for progressive transparency, openness and accountability. Representatives of ministers’ offices exchanged information and experiences from the process of publishing acts and documents on their web sites and coordinated for the following obligations aimed at expanding the list of institutions that will publish documents, the public announcement of the official costs of the holders of public functions, as well as the publication of contracts of the electronic system of the Public Procurement Bureau.

Representatives of the Metamorphosis Foundation presented the Regional Index for Openness of State Institutions on the basis of which the good governance of the state authorities will be measured.