Awarded grants to civil society organizations

Grants for implementation of six-month projects have been awarded to 18 civil society organizations from six countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will address urgent local and national issues in the upcoming period in order to advance good governance and the rule of law.

These grants are dedicated to local civil society organizations, and have been awarded within the ACTION SEE – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in SEE project, which is implemented by Metamorphosis Foundation from Macedonia, Westminster Foundation for Democracy from Great Britain, CRTA – Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability from Serbia, Citizens Association Why not? from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Center for Democratic Transition from Montenegro, Open Data Kosovo – ODK and Levizja Mjaft!from Albania, with financial support of the European Union.



  • Association for Promotion and Development of an Inclusive Society INKLUZIVA – Public Information Accessible to Persons with Disabilities project aims at assessing, evaluating and improving the current level of access that persons with disabilities have to municipal websites in the Northeastern region of Macedonia.
  • Institute for Strategic Research and Education – ISIE – Budno Oko – Platform for Monitoring of the Use of Public Funds in Secondary Education of Macedonia project aims at improving the oversight and access to information related to the use of public funds in the funding of secondary education in Macedonia.
  • Association Proficio – In the Spotlight: Overcoming Breach of Duty in Macedonia project aims to contribute toward the implementation of practical mechanisms for establishing and institutionalizing high standards of ethical conduct and good governance for elected officials, civil servants and the general public through lobbying and advocacy in Macedonia.
  • Common Values – Commissions for Interethnic Relations (CIRs) and Ethnic Communities project has the aim to strengthen the interethnic relations, institutions of the system and democracy in Macedonia as well as to accelerate the EU accession process.


  • Institute Alternative – Confidential Procurement: Out of Sight – Out of Mind project aims at improving transparency and accountability in the public procurement process and the public spending therewith.
  • 35mm – Fairness and not Bias – Eradicate Cronyism! project aims to form network of civil society organizations, media and individuals against cronyism that will play proactive role in the eradication of cronyism on local and national level, and will also raise public awareness and encourage public dialogue on cronyism and employment in the public administration based on party affiliation.
  • Volonterska inicijativa Podgorica – The main objective of the Transparent Schools, Better Education project is to investigate and improve the level of transparency of Montenegrin secondary schools as well as to investigate and improve the level of published information on these schools’ websites pursuant to the Law on Free Access to Public Information.
  • Monitoring Group Ulcinj – MogUL – Transparency for Accountability project aims at engaging journalists, media as well as citizens in order to influence and increase the level of transparency of public institutions and administrative bodies.


  • European Youth Association – Access to Information, Public Campaign against Informality and Corruption Practices project has the goal to test transparency and accountability of public institutions in front of the public, with specific focus on young entrepreneurs.
  • New Vision 2016 – Freedom of Information through Multimedia project aims at improving freedom of speech in Albania through promotion of the Law on Right of Information while stimulating transparency of public institutions with the use of creative methods.
  • People in Focus – Monitoring and Recommendations for Improvement of the Administrative Services to the Citizens of the Tirana Administrative Court of First Instance project has the aim to assess the quality of administrative court services and to develop recommendations for improvement thereof.
  • Civic Resistance (Qendresa Qytetare) – Resistance against Corruption in Higher Education project will inform the students about corruption’s negative consequences on economy and society, and will train them how to tackle corruption.


  • Non-Governmental Organization KOHA – Informed and Active Citizenry through the Freedom of Information Act project has the aim to request greater transparency and accountability from the municipal authorities, to inform the citizens about laws and regulations related to freedom of information and decision-making as well as to improve citizens’ participation in public policies via transparency and accountability.


  • People’s Parliament – CSO’s for Greater Accountability in Local Public Finances project aims at establishing new accountability standards and policies regarding the management of local public finances in Leskovac and Vranje.
  • Consumer Protection – Enhancing the Rule of Law through Consumer Protection project aims to stimulate the adherence to laws on the part of institutions and companies operating in Serbia as well as to raise awareness about their and consumers’ rights.
  • Centre for investigative journalism Кrusevac – CINK – Who is Who in Local Government of Rasina District? project is composed of two segments: creation and publication of database containing 60 officials of local self-governments in three municipalities (Krushevac, Varvarin and Trstenik) with the help of media and investigation of the fulfilment of electoral promises made by officials and publication of report.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Center for Civic Cooperation – Towards Local Government Accountability: Improving Local Community Communication project has the aim to improve communication of local communities with citizens, municipal authorities and media in six municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Pro Educa – Local Administration Employment Before and After Local Elections in Republika Srpska project aims to locate the employment level over the course of an electoral year and address the issue in order to eliminate this impediment toward democratic society.