Openness of judicial bodies in Albania

The approach of Judiciary in the Republic of Albania achieves to 22% of indicators fulfillment. This was an expected result, the result is quite low, compared to the Executive and Legislative Power institutions in our country. Judiciary is considered as one of the most corrupted power in Albania and one of the biggest challenges that the country has to face to integrate in European Union.

The Judiciary Reform was one of the reforms undertaken recently by Albanian Government. There is a general public opinion, that judiciary in Albania is corrupted, in both cases, at its level of internal organization and in dealing with issues . Even the international organizations reports have concluded to that point, as well. According to European Commission, “The functioning of the justice system, continues to be affected by politicization, limited accountability, poor institutional co-operation, insufficient resources, and long procedures and delay processes.” As a result of this situation, Albania sought for assistance of the Venice Commission to intervene in this system, to increase transparency and efficiency, by creating an ad hoc commission to deal with the drafting of legal and constitutional acts, for juridical system reform.

The overall approval of this reform took more than a year work, because of disagreements between the main political parties of the country. On May 22th 2017, the voting of Vetting Commissions was approved, the first process of reform which opens the doors for the further implementation of it.
One of the changes brought by implementation of this reform is the separation of the existing structure of the High Council of Justice in: the High Council of Courts and the High Council of Prosecutors. During the period of judiciary monitoring, the reform has been in discussion processes, so, for the fulfillment of the indicators of judiciary openness in Albania, we have found equivalent structures for adapting to the methodology followed by all the partners in the region.

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