Development of openness and accountability of the Parliament of Albania needs to be strategically planned

According to the research results of the ACTION SEE Regional Openness Index, the Parliament of Albania meets 60% of indicators of openness. This result means that there is still work to be done to have a better performance of Albanian Parliament’s activity. It is important to mention there are implemented some good practices by Parliament administration, but it still needs to adopt international practices to make Parliament of Albania more open.

On the following are some recommendation for The Parliament:

  • To strategically plan the development of openness and accountability of the Parliament of Albania through identification of key problems and ways for their solving.
  • It is necessary to be stricter on the specifics of the Rules of Procedure from the aspect of its effectiveness and quality of implementation in Parliamentary Sessions.
  • To improve communications of the Parliament of Albania with citizens through opening a channel for a “fast “communication on even two social networks. To enable citizens to submit e-petitions.
  • To adopt a unique methodology for evaluation of legal solution (RIA analysis) and significantly strengthen the Parliament’s capacities for creation of these studies.
  • To improve budgetary transparency of the Parliament and approach it to citizens. To increase transparency of the process of adopting the budget of Albania. To increase transparency of public procurement.

All regional parliaments must ensure a full openness of their work and thereby demonstrate a political accountability and respect of basic principles of democracy. Through ensuring all relevant information parliaments must provide unimpeded insight into their work. Declaration on Parliamentary Openness defines parliaments’ obligations in the best way suggesting that a parliament must ensure that citizens have a legal aid while exercising their right on access to parliamentary information.

Regional parliaments meet on average 63% of openness criteria. This result is not satisfactory, taking into account that we talk about bodies which are directly elected and accountable to citizens.

The main points that come out from Parliament monitoring process are:

  • Insufficient transparency of organizational and financial information
  • Insufficiently developed communication with citizens and possibility of their participation
  • (Un) ethical behavior of MPs
  • Insufficient effects of parliamentary control of other branches of power

You can read the full policy paper on the Openness of the Parliament of Albania here.