Openness of the executive power in Albania amounts to 32%

Openness of the executive power in Albania amounts to 32.04% of fulfilled indicators. This result is expected and it is in accordance with the previous measurement of openness. Through negotiations for accession to the European Union, Open Government Partnership and other activities, the Government started with creating policy of openness. This was contributed by numerous initiatives from NGOs and “Transparency Program”, a concrete way through which our public authorities build and increase transparency in their institutional activity.

The promotion of openness, equally with other policies of the executive power, must achieve belonging place. This problem caused that promotion of openness certainly do not happen and there are bodies, which do not respect legal obligations in this area, principles and practices of good governance without any consequences. This has created significant differences in openness of the Government, ministries and executive agencies. In Albania, all the reforms taken in public administration and regulations on law have given to us the picture of better governance, but the actual performance of our executive indicates otherwise.

An additional argument for adoption of the strategic document regulating this area is the fact that openness significantly decreases as we move towards bodies which are on a lower hierarchical level. It is obvious that there are a significant number of institutions opposing the introduction of the concept of openness and they must systematically work on this problem with the involvement of top managers in the system.

All noticed is a clear signal that requires a fast reaction and dedicated work in order to better improve the practices or regulations dealing with this topic. The strategy of development and promotion of openness must not be only written, but also effectively implemented to increase transparency and citizens’ participation in decision making.

The policy paper, prepared by MJAFT! Movement in cooperation with partners from the regional network ACTION SEE, in which the level of transparency, openness, accountability of executive power in Albania and the region of Western Balkans is analyzed is available here.