Openness of the executive power in Kosovo lacks consistency – Proposals for improvement of the current state

In cooperation with partners from a regional network NGO ActionSEE, Open Data Kosovo (ODK) prepared a policy paper which analyzes the level of transparency, openness, and accountability of the executive power in the region of Western Balkans.

The paper constitutes a result of a comprehensive research rooted in rigorous methodology, conducted by members of the ActionSEE network over the period of several months. The aim of the research is to determine the actual state-of-affairs in the region through an objective measurement of openness of the executive power, and to offer recommendations for improvement.

The Regional Index of Openness measures a degree up to which institutions of Western Balkan countries are open to citizens and society and it is based on the following four principles: 1) transparency, 2) accessibility, 3) integrity and 4) effectiveness. The principle of transparency requires that organizational information, budget and procedure of public procurements are publicly available and regularly published and updated. Accessibility is related to ensuring and respecting procedures for a free access to information, improving availability of information through a mechanism of a public debate and strengthening interaction with citizens. Integrity comprises of a mechanism for prevention of corruption, conducting code of ethics and regulation of lobbying. The last principle, effectiveness, refers to monitoring and evaluation of policies conducted by institutions.

The measurement was conducted in the period from October to the end of December 2016. A set of recommendations and guidelines directed at public institutions was developed on the basis of the research results.

Download the report in English or in Albanian.