Panel Discussion: “The openness of the institutions as a prerequisite for good governance” in Montenegro

“Corruption is eradicated not by bringing new and tougher laws, but by changes in the society made through social pressure”, was the message shared on the panel discussion held on April 15 in the Info Center of Euro-Atlantic integration in Podgorica, Montenegro. The subject of the discussion was “The openness of the institutions as a prerequisite for good governance”, and it was organised by the Centre for Democratic Transition (CDT) within the ACTION VISEGRAD SEE project.

During the panel, CDT presented the regional initiative for open and accountable government, which will contribute to an increased openness and accountability of the institutions, which is essential when it comes to preventing and combating corruption.


How new technologies can enhance good governance?

NGO representatives from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and the Czech Republic explained how new technologies can enhance good governance.

Presenting the”Vistinomer” and “citizens arrest”projects, Vukosava Crnjanski from the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability in Belgrade – CRTA, noted that the media is one of the basic mechanisms when it comes to good governance.

Damir Dautovic from CDT introduced the”Asking to know” mobile application that simplifies the process of sending requests for free access to information between institutions and citizens, and Darko Brkan form the civil association “Why not?” presented the web-platform, that provides users with an opportunity for direct participation in decision-making processes in BiH.


Bardhyl Jashari from the Metamorphosis Foundation said that new technologies can contribute to the improvement of the relations between citizens and institutions, but previously changes need to be made within the institutions themselves.

Michal Skop from Kohovolit concluded that the creation of applications by the non-governmental organisations is an important contribution to good governance.

The goal of the ACTION VISEGRAD SEE project is to promote a vibrant civil society that will effectively mobilise citizens for an active involvement on issues related to good governance, and that will affect policy and decision makers at national and regional level in the Western Balkans.



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