ACTION SEE and Višegrad fund: showcasing good practices in Civic Tech

In the Western Balkans the citizens and CSOs do not sufficiently use ICT tools for good governance developed by other CSOs and the state due to lack of awareness and skills. They are also discouraged to use them due to perception that their input will not make any impact. In addition, public institutions do not sufficiently use the potential of ICTs to became more accountable and engage the citizens.

The Visegrad Fund supported ACTION SEE project will contribute to overcoming of these obstacles by bringing together CSOs and institutions from the region and by showcasing good practices from the V4 countries and the Western Balkans.

The ACTION SEE project objective is to promote a dynamic civil society that effectively mobilizes citizens for active engagement on good governance issues within the context of EU accession, and influences policy and decision-making processes at national and regional level in Western Balkans.The project centers around five activity areas:

  1. Transfer of knowledge from V4 countries related to overcoming challenges to good governance within the context of EU accession;
  2. Capacity building for CSOs, including coaching and mentoring;
  3. Mapping of existing e-government mechanisms for active civic participation as precondition for good governance in the four WB countries;
  4. Networking in order to build a broad base of support for progressive change.

ACTION SEE will provide a roadmap for WB governments to comply with good governance principles.

Project Coordinator:

Metamorphosis Foundation

Partner organizations:

  1. Nonprofit Ltd.
  2. ePanstwo Foundation
    Czech Republic
  4. Pontis Foundation
  5. Center for Democratic Transition
  6. CRTA – Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability
  7. Citizens Association Why not?
    Bosnia and Herzegovina